Roofing Repair, Storm Damage, and Insurance Claims near Baltimore, MD

MVP offers FREE no hassle estimates for your next project. All it takes is a quick call to setup a time for one of our professionals to inspect and measure your home.

Free Storm Damage Inspection & Quote


Choosing a contractor can be stressful which is why we will give you everything you need during our first trip!

We know so much more goes into your choice of a contractor than just simply accepting the lowest bid. We will provide you with an informative packet detailing our products, warranty options, and installation methods.

Our goal is to provide friendly, professional, and efficient service while providing you with all the information you need to choose the right contractor for your project, MVP Home Specialists.

Our “4 step” retail estimate process:

  1. Inspect, photograph & measure the job
  2. “Show and tell” (walk around job with customer to explain the job/materials)
  3. Present material options & address question/concerns
  4. Install a clean, high quality job

Depending on the style of home and ventilation of your home, a quick attic inspection may be recommended (for roof replacement jobs)


We are experts in roofing and roofing repair especially due to damage caused by heavy storms, high winds, and hail.


High winds typically affect roofing shingles and vinyl siding first. If you need repairs to your siding please contact us for a free quote.

Gutter Repair & Gutter Guards

Overflowing gutters from heavy rain or clogged gutters from too many leaves can damage your roof and everything below the gutter. Contact us for a free quote on new gutter systems and gutter guards to protect your house.

Emergency Tarps

Right after a heavy storm people typically need a tarp to keep the damage from spreading. We offer emergency tarp service in the Baltimore, Maryland area until the damage can be assessed and repaired.


The telltale signs of water damage are stains on your drywall. Get it replaced before it causes even more problems.


Water damage from storms or leaks can damage your walls and paint. We will re-paint your walls after repairing your drywall.

Wallpaper Removal

Water damage from storms can destroy your wallpaper – we can help with our wallpaper removal services.

Insurance Claims

Need to submit an insurance claim to repair your home after a storm? No problem! We work with your insurance company to meet their pricing standards and in most cases you will only owe your deductible.

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