Professional Gutter Repair After a Storm

Man Installing Gutter GuardsStorms can cause all sorts of issues to your gutters. Unfortunately, in the wake of most severe rain storms, not many people take the time to examine their roof and gutters unless there is an obvious change. This mistake could cost you a lot in the long run.

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Many regions are experiencing more severe weather than before making heightened awareness of the condition of your roof more important now than ever before. Severe rain storm has the potential of causing damage to your gutters. The problem however is that not all roof and gutter damage is easy to spot. Certain damage from storms are more difficult to spot with some even completely concealed from the casual observer. If you don’t spot the problem early, it will definitely lead to damage and more costly repairs in near future.

How storm can damage your gutters?

Wind Damage

Severe wind storm can remove gutter fasteners off of the roof. When this happens, it will allow the gutters to become disengaged from the downspouts or the roof or droop. Below are signs of wind damage to your gutters:

  • Dislodged gutters
  • Missing or loose fasteners
  • Disconnection from downspouts

After a wind storm, it is important to call roofing contractor to inspect your gutters for any damage. They roof may look perfectly okay to the untrained eye. However, a roofing professional knows what signs to look out for after a wind storm, ice storm or hail storm.

Ice Storms

A build up of ice or freezing rain can also damage the gutters of your home. Although ice storms don’t create dents as deep as those created by hail storms, they can still damage your gutters. Gutter damage resulting from ice storm may lead to:

  • Loosening of fasteners
  • Sagging gutters
  • Ice dams leading to roof leaks

Hail Damage

A hailstorm is among the leading reasons for damaged gutters. The degree of the damage is often commensurate to the size of the hailstones. If they are larger, the damage becomes more severe. While most damage will be directed to the roof, your gutters are not spared either. Below are some of the signs of gutter damage resulting from a hail storm.

  • Holes in vinyl
  • Dented metal
  • Hailstones accumulation
  • Pulling away or sagging of the roof

Preventing Storm Damage to your gutters by gutter upgrades

One way we help our clients prevent storm damage to their gutters is by upgrading their gutter guards. We can modify your current system to optimize drainage and minimize instances of your gutter overflowing. We do this using our unique funnel outlets and bigger flush mount aluminum outlets. Our experts will upgrade most existing gutter systems with leaf catchers and leaf screens to keep maintenance to a bare minimum.

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If you live in a place that experiences regular weather events, your roof probably needs an inspection. Identifying and fixing gutter damage early can save you a lot down the road. Call our professional roofing contractors to give you an inexpensive, expert assessment of your rain gutters. If we find any damage, we will give you a free written estimate of what needs to be repaired.